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Geocaching, the real-world outdoor treasure hunt

What if your bicycle trip transformed into a treasure hunt? As a modern, permanent treasure hunt, geocaching is the perfect way to combine outdoor activities and adventure all around the world.

More than 2 million treasures throughout the world

Initially reserved for hikers, geocaching is now kicking into high gear and gaining widespread appeal! This is a treasure hunt in which participants use GPS receivers and mobile devices, transforming a simple excursion into an Indiana Jones-style trek. The concept? Finding geocaches hidden throughout cities, the countryside and in the great outdoors. More than 2 million treasures are scattered throughout 222 countries, including 99,000 in France.


What is a geocache?

Geocaches are generally boxes of varying sizes made out of plastic (Tupperware, aspirin container, etc.) or metal (sweet tins). They contain a logbook and one or more treasures which, most of the time, are small toys, key rings or other inexpensive objects. Some geocaches are more difficult to find and may also contain items such as Swiss army knives, gadgets or collector items. This geocache, found on the eurovélo6 bike path in Nantes, even included a declaration....

Once the geocache has been discovered, each lucky finder writes his or her name in the logbook (so bring a pen!) and decides whether to leave the objects in the box or to replace them with one or more objects of equivalent value. Once the swop is complete, each geocache must be carefully placed back in the same spot.


How to play

To begin the great treasure hunt, simply go to the geocaching website or the official application. You can use the search feature to view a map of caches located in the area you want to explore. Once you have identified a geocache (and you should know that there are several levels of difficulty for finding them, and some require more patience than others....) and made note of its GPS coordinates, simply save the information in a smartphone or GPS unit and set off on your adventure!

Ready, set...explore!