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Preparing your trip along the EuroVelo 6 cycle route

If you prepare your journey carefully and in advance, your cycling trip along EuroVelo 6 should go that much more smoothly. Here are our recommendations for you before you set out.

Prepare your cycling trip before leaving home

Thanks to the information available on the website

To offer you a substantial amount of easily-digestible information, the route is divided into sections and then stages.

On the pages dedicated to the various sections and stages, you will find a lot of detailed information on the portions of the route concerned.

Interactive maps make clear the type of path you’ll be using (e.g. a greenway, or a road shared with other traffic, etc.) and allow you to bring up all the relevant services based on or close to the route (such as bike-hire firms, train stations, accommodation, etc.)

Locating specialist services along EuroVelo 6 via this website

interactive cycle mapThe interactive maps on the pages dedicated to the various stages and sections enable you to consult and geo-locate all the specialist services available on or around the EuroVelo 6 route.

It is easy to look up accommodation, places to visit, train stations, bike-hire and bike-repair companies, tourist offices and so on that are on or close to the route.

Remember that service providers awarded the Accueil Vélo mark guarantee a welcome and services that are specifically geared to cyclists.

The website’s search engine also enables you to find relevant service providers along the route with ease.


Making sure you have suitable gear for your cycling trip

What kind of bike should you choose?

a bike full equipedIf you plan to embark on a cycling trip lasting several days, best opt for a well-equipped hybrid bike (in French, vélo tout chemin, or VTC).

If heading out on a family cycling trip with children, consider a special bicycle trailer or using a ‘third wheel’ extension – these options will prove more comfortable than using a child’s seat placed on the back of a bike.

Note that you can hire such facilities for the duration of your cycling trip.

Before heading out on a day’s cycling, remember to check the following at the very least:

- the brakes

- the lights

- the gears

- the tyre pressure

Transporting luggage and small items

transport luggage by bikesIf you opt to carry your luggage yourself, use suitable panniers, preferably waterproof ones, that can be attached to the luggage holder at the back of the bike.

A rucksack is the best option for carrying items if you are only going on a short cycling trip.

A pannier you can attach to the handlebars is useful for keeping your touring map, camera, etc., close to hand.

Always carry a bicycle repair kit with you, containing a bicycle pump, an inner tube repair kit and a multipurpose spanner.

Don’t forget to take a bicycle lock with you so that you can enjoy a pause or a visit along the route without any worries.

If you do not wish to carry your luggage, note that ready-made cycle tours exist, where a specialist company reserves your accommodation for you, takes care of the transportation of your luggage and provides a detailed, tailormade route planner. All you have to do is to pedal along at your own pace!


Guides, maps or GPS (satnav) – choose the travelling companion that suits you best!

Once you are cycling along EuroVelo 6, having to hand the specific guides or maps covering the route is the surest way of seeing and checking where you are going and keeping all the relevant tourist information at your fingertips.

You can also invest in a specific cycling GPS or satnav device – note that the GPS tracks for the EuroVelo 6 route can be downloaded free of charge, for your personal use, from the pages dedicated to the various stages.

You can also make use of the specific roadbook facility available via the website to prepare and tailor your own EuroVelo 6 cycling trip (e.g. choosing the specific sections and stages that interest you, accommodation that suits you, etc.)