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The Danube Delta and the romanian coast

This fabulous trip ends in Romania where the Danube Delta is full of an incredible biodiversity: it's one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world.

From Silistra, Danube is divided into two wide parts and there starts the delta course. The itinerary leaves Bulgaria to carry on the right bank of Danube, crossing gently undulating road to Cernavoda. You can also directly rejoin the sea in Constanta, at a hundred kilometers, however you will miss one of the most beautiful part of the EuroVelo 6 road. From Cernavoda to Galati, you will border the river in the plain. Afterwards, up to Tulcea and Murighiol, you will enter the final part of the delta, which is certainly the most beautiful. Tulcea is a good point of start for the discovering of the vast delta shared by Romania, Ukrania and, on a restricted section, Moldavia.

The Danube delta is 4.500 km² large, including only 20 % of submerged lands. There, more than 100 species of fish/fish species and 300 species of birds/bird species have found their shelter, which makes it one of the biggest natural reserves in the world listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage Site. The last European pelicans that live there have become the Delta's symbol. The river fishers will lead you on a small boat to the labyrinth of twists and turns. You can stay in one of the hotel boats. It is an absolutly fascinating place, changing in accordance to the river's moods in which you will have to plan to spend enough time if you want to fully enjoy it.

After the delta, by driving straight to the South, you will rejoin Constanta, the seaside resort of the Romanian coast the ending of your fabulous trip. In Constanta you will find a well-connected train station and an airport which has a vast array of flights coming in from the main European cities.




By Train

By bus

By plane

  • The two main entry points are Bucharest and Constanta, the main resort on the Romanian coast. Galatina Constanta and Bucharest are well connected.
  • For international connections Train, the connections with Western Europe are much longer.
  •  Many bus lines serve Bucharest and many cities. They offer a relatively inexpensive access. Access by bicycle is not theoretically possible, but for real, it is traded easily.
  •  Many international flights connect Bucharest to major European cities. Alitalia offers flights from Paris, Lufthansa from Zurich or major German cities. The capital is located at 65km from the road.

Practical Informations

Where to stay

Along the route, there are few accommodations to Galatina: hotels in Silistra to Harsova. The homestay is always possible.

Maps and guidebooks

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