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Lake Constance and the Upper Danube

After entering the Black Forest along the Hohenzollern Trail, EuroVelo 6 joins the Danube, the last river on the itinerary and one that we will follow from its source to its mouth. The first Danube stage, from Donaueschingen to Ulm, follows the emergence of this mighty river.

EuroVelo 6 leaves the Rhine at Stein am Rhein and follows the shores of the Untersee to Radolfzell. From here, our route takes us to the Danube, the dividing line between East and West, which we will follow to its mouth on the Black Sea.

The itinerary starts by following the Hohenzollern Trail, which links Lake Constance to the Black Forest. It involves a steep climb that is tough on the legs and on the bikes. After 60 kilometres we come to one of the most beautiful sections of this voyage along the rivers of Europe. At Tuttlingen, the route rejoins the Danube. Here, the EuroVelo 6 route is perfect for cycling, following the banks of the young river as it meanders along the steep-sided valley it has cut through the Alb Mountains between Tüttlingen and Sigmaringen. The route through the Upper Danube Nature Reserve is dotted with unspoilt fortified villages, most of whose magnificent castles and Baroque churches and monasteries are open to the public.

Below Sigmaringen, with its Hohenzollern castle, the Danube widens as it flows through Ulm, a majestic town with impressive ramparts and an imposing cathedral. A tour of this town, with its fishing district and numerous museums, is a perfect way to finish this stage beside the young Danube.


By Train

By plane

  • Connections between Radolfzell and Donaueschingen. All the cities are connected each others from Donaueschingen to Ulm by a regional train

Pratical Informations

Where to stay ?

Bett und Bike Deutschland, Bikeline gives a list of all the accomodation for cyclotourists in Germany.

Map and Guidebook

  • Radwandern von Donaueschingen bis Passau. Offizieller Donauradwanderführer 1 : 50 000.
  • Exists en English and Italian. It gives all the informations needed for the trail: maps, accomodations, bike rentals and reparation...
  • Donau-Radweg
    It gives all the informations needed for the trail: maps, accomodations, bike rentals and reparation...
  • ADAC RadTourenKarte 27. Rhön, Fulda, Schweinfurt, Bad Salzungen 1:75000
    Map at 1/75000
  • 28 Sudliche Eiffel Mosel Trier
    Map at 1/75000